About Us

Soils R Us is a family owned business that offers great service and expertise knowledge with garden landscaping and gardening as a whole. Within our team in Ellenbrook, we are able to provide years of experience with great product knowledge on what will be right for your garden and focus to provide you with the right products and all products are top quality.

We stock a large range soils and mulches that are environmentally friendly and 100% organic. As a business we take great pride to help and look after the environment and we can proudly state that our products are formulated to the Western Australian conditions.

As part of our great range of products we also have available to our customers sands, wood chips, decorative stones, compactable bases and fire wood that can be purchased in large quantities of either 30Lt bags, or 1m3 Bulk bags.

The final touches to making your garden beautiful we also have available Poly and PVC retic fittings, so please do enquire today.

So whether you are building a limestone wall, building a sand pit, concreting, laying a driveway, or need firewood for a BBQ, we will have the products you need to get the job done.

We provide the service where our customers are able to use our free trailer to transport your goods home with no worry and ease.

We also have options for delivery, and are more than happy to deliver your purchased good at your convenience.

Don’t waste time, and call us today to start giving your garden the makeover you have always wanted.